Companies, institutions, organizations used to be supplied by us and / or managed servers.

Some of the partner, but not limited to:
- Sauska and Partners Ltd.
- Csorba Győző Library
- Siklós He knew Regional Library Center
- The Siklós Suzuki Dealerships and Service: K. K. Autócentrum ltd.
- Hajdúböszörmény Kalvin Square Presbyterian Church
- New Chance Association
- Nagyharsány Major's Office

Workstations, PC-k, Notebook computers

Companies, institutions, organizations, and individuals used to be supplied by us and / or managed computers.
The organizations listed above, it is difficult to list them on the outside - very important for us, the same legal entity, and individuals who have among our customers.
Computer networks

Institutions isklolák (Schoolnet program), administrative offices, office documents state, and private companies, and one of the most prominent partner, the Hungarian Border Guard for, we have built, we are building a computer network

Creating Web Pages

Software Development

Several government agencies and companies are using with great satisfaction, the software developed by us.

Full system management

Public and private companies, institutions, libraries, mayor's offices, we provide a complete system for management.

If you want to Ref in relation to any particular area, please contact one of us contacts.

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