- Supply, assembly, installation, Configuration By, network integration, operation, monitoring, servicing and repair of servers

Workstations, PC

- Purchase individual PCs workstations, assembly, installation*, if necessary, network integration, operation according to individual needs, javítása

Notebook computers

- Notebook computers, ultrabook-ok, tablets, Supply, installation*, maintenance and repair
Computer networks

- Computer Networks LAN building, supervision, maintenance, repair, expansion, development centers, also in a structured format

- Development of wireless WiFi networks, WiFi establishment of bridges, their supervision, maintenance, repair, expansion

- Optical cables are building fiber connectivity hubs, monitoring, improvement, expansion, development of centers

- Other low-voltage network (telephone, TV, alarm, etc..)

Creating Web Pages

- Creating Web pages according to individual needs using templates NO, they maintain, update, expansion

- Full domain management

Software Development

- Software development based on individual needs, as well as server-client relationship based, platform independent, and complete management of these

Complete IT system management

- Supervision of the entire IT infrastructure, hardware, software, surveillance

Consulting the list of topics

*: The DZstudio Inc recommends the appropriate version of Microsoft Windows 10, or Windows 11 on systems suitable for it which we can provide our customers with OEM authorized distributors at a discount.

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